Things to consider before replacing your boiler

If your boiler stops operating fully and cannot be repaired, you will need to replace it. However, this isn’t the only reason to think about getting a replacement. Here are some more signs that it’s time to switch to a new model.

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Signs you need to replace your boiler

 Frequent boiler breakdown 

The occasional boiler breakdown may not require purchasing a new boiler, but if you find yourself having to call out a heating engineer to repair this device frequently (for example, more than once a year), consider whether the cost of call-outs and repairs is making your boiler uneconomical to run.

Replacing an old, unreliable boiler with a new model would also be safer and provide you with the reassurance that you will have heating and hot water anytime you need it.

 It’s no longer performing as well as it once did

If your heating system is no longer capable of meeting your household’s needs, you should consider replacing it. For example, if you’re having trouble keeping your home warm or your water isn’t hot enough, this could indicate that your boiler isn’t doing its job effectively anymore – or that the model you have no longer meets your household’s demands.

 Higher household energy bills 

Old boilers are far less energy-efficient than new units. Modern A-rated condensing systems have an efficiency of more than 90%, whereas G-rated devices have an efficiency of 70% or less. 

According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing a G-rated boiler with a new A-rated condensing one may save an ordinary detached house up to £305 per year.

 Difficult to find replacement parts

One problem with having an old boiler is that it might be difficult to acquire new components to repair and maintain it. If your appliance needs repairs and it will be expensive or difficult to obtain the essential parts, it may be time to change to a new model.

 Improved safety 

Newer boilers are generally safer than older central heating systems. As technology advances, more safety features are introduced to prevent problems such as carbon monoxide leakage. It’s also easy to fault find if something goes wrong with your boiler replacement.

Offering professional Gas Safe boiler installations

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